Time until next rewards

This is the time remaining until the next XRP rewards airdrop. To see rewards, add XRP Token 0x1d2f0da169ceb9fc7b3144628db156f3f6c60dbe to your wallet. In order to receive rewards, you must not sell, or transfer to another wallet, and have held all your $BBYXRP you had in BEFORE the LAST cutoff , and have at least $5 in $BBYXRP holdings at time of distribution.

Time until next Cutoff

This is the time remaining until the next cutoff.  Rewards calculations are based on the amount of $BBYXRP held before this timer ends. In other words this is the LOAD UP YOUR BAGS FOR THE NEXT REWARDS timer!
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  • Many malicious projects in the Binance Smart Chain space have thrived because of a lack of information for new investors in the space. By providing education and discussion regarding trading crypto, we change our investor’s lives by providing them with the tools they need to avoid those tokens

  • Baby XRP provides a safe BSC token to invest in, with liquidity locked in perpetuity(1), and rewards in the form of Legacy XRP.

  • Rather than providing reflections in native token, or a buy-back mechanism, Baby XRP provides reward in Legacy XRP to reward holding the token and avoid investors being subject to the complexity of and impermanent loss seen when staking LP in farming apps.


  • Baby XRP also utilizes an automatic liquidity pool to replenish the liquidity of the token on every transaction. The contract will collect tokens from each transaction, adding them to the LP. This creates stability for the token and supports the price floor.


  • We use several mechanisms to encourage holding the tokens. We don’t use bots to manipulate price or attempt to pump and dump the token: The requirement to hold tokens for 3 days to get the XRP rewards will also encourage investors to hold.


  • The tax on each transaction is also an encouragement to hold. Every transaction is taxed 17 %.



  • In addition we provide an inclusive community with 24 hour voice chat to educate our fellow investors on how to trade safely, grow their money, and make smart decisions when investing on the Binance Smart Chain.


  • The project uses a fully doxxed developer team, further instilling trust and safety for the investors.


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